With summer here, we’re sure you want to update your stock to make the most of the latest trends and styles. At ELF925, we believe that every woman should always look and feel her best, and that’s why we’re not just here to tell you about current trends – we can also supply you with all the stunning jewelry items you could ever wish to have in stock! So, let’s take a look at the 2021 jewelry trends for summer and make sure you’re carrying all the styles your customers will be embracing – Country Romance, Bohemian, Mood-Boosting, and Beyond The Sea!

Country Romance Creations

woman with earrings and flowers

There’s little as beautiful as finding inspiration in the blue skies, earthy smells, and floral abundance that you find in the countryside! And with such a wide range of colors and textures to explore, ladies will love nothing more than jewelry that reflects all of this diversity. 

In the sweltering heat and humidity of a sizzling summer, ladies will definitely be wearing sweetheart necklines, revealing smocks, and floral prints that leave their shoulders bare. So, you can be sure that one of the 2021 jewelry trends will be complementary items that draw attention to their best features. And all those Country Romance films are sure to introduce them to the styles and trends we currently supply!

Take a look at just a sample of the Country-Romance-themed items you could be stocking!

            1. Flower Ear Studs – These silver floral studs come with a decorative crystal at their center.
            2. Flower Necklace – This delicate necklace is adorned with Epoxy and makes for a lovely addition to anyone’s summer outfit. 
            3. Leaf Ear Studs – Stock stunning silver studs that add subtle grace to any summery fashion trend. 
            4. Flower Ring – Help customers complete their look with a beautiful silver ring that is decorated with gold plating. 
            5. Olive Branch Ring – This simple but impactful design will add style to any outfit!

            With these summery designs, your customers won’t be able to resist adding an endless variety of jewelry items to their collection. This is the time to get ahead of one of the hottest new jewelry trends this summer so that you can give your customers exactly what they’re looking for.

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            Bodacious Bohemian Styles

            woman in a bohemian outfit and jewelry

            The Boho movement reflects the comfort and creativity of hippy fashion and will be a major trend this summer. This style has really gained steam in recent years thanks to the unusual authenticity that is captured in every fashion and jewelry design. As more and more people embrace this liberated lifestyle where embroidered blouses, flowy skirts, and maxi dresses are popular, specific new jewelry trends are also flourishing at the same time. 

            Antique jewelry, turquoise adornments, and intricate beaded designs are exploding, so you better make sure that you have all the items your customers will certainly be looking for as part of their 2021 summer jewelry collection. This means keeping a wide range of stock with a distinctively artisanal feel and lots of different options that range from Mexican- and African-style rings and necklaces, to Moroccan jewelry, layered necklaces, wooden beads and accents, as well as items made from natural materials like gems and pearls. 

            If there’s one thing you can say about the Bohemian style, it’s that they really don’t hold back when it comes to creativity and authenticity!

            Check out the jewelry we can supply at a moment’s notice, specifically made in the Bohemian tradition to inspire and feed people with a free spirit:

            1. Northern Star Ear Studs – Capture the beauty of the heavens with silver star studs decorated with crystals.

            2. Moon Ear Studs – These gold-plated moon studs are sure to inspire lovers of the night sky.

            3. Feather Layered Necklace with Cubic Zirconia – Offer customers a more ethnic design with this layered necklace. 

            4. Laser Cut Geometric Earrings – These gold-plated drop earrings follow a unique geometric design that’s sure to draw independent spirits. 

            5. Evil Eye Necklace with Crystal – Connect with Mediterranean folklore when you stock this crystal necklace.

            Our 2021 summer jewelry range covers everything a Boho enthusiast could hope for! From nature-themed designs to a diverse range of natural materials, as well as bold styles, you will satisfy every Bohemian trend this summer if you stock even a fraction of what we have to offer.

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            Mood-Boosting Color Combos

            woman wearing lightning bolt earrings

            One of the best things about summer is the abundant color that lights up the world and unleashes our more sunny, positive vibes. With blinding blue skies, luscious green foliage, and flourishing flowers in every shade, women are sure to get caught up in all the vibrant color options with Mood-Boosting styles. Bubbly yellows, soft pinks, and gem-like blues – with so many colors that pop, ladies will also need equally dynamic jewelry to capture and reflect their energetic mood!

            This summer trend is about having fun, so we’ve stocked all the fashion jewelry trends for 2021 that you’ll need to deliver the playfulness and whimsy your customers are expecting. We are making the most of emojis, beach-time fun, and Rock ‘n Roll culture, creating utterly unique jewelry your customers won’t be able to find anywhere else!

            Simply take a look at a sample of our Mood-Boosting themed jewelry items and you’ll realize these are must-haves.

            1. Silver Tears Of Joy Emoji Ear Studs – Customers will live a life of pure laughter when they choose these cute studs.

            2. Poop Emoji Ear Studs – This is color and fun all mixed in one, for customers who are always able to look on the lighter side of life.

            3. Smiley Face Ear Studs – The smiley face isn’t only a cultural icon, but also a very quick way for customers to boost their moods.

            4. Rock and Roll Ear Studs – With so many vibrant colors in the air, customers can’t say no to an energetic Rock ‘n Roll vibe.

            5. Sun Ear Studs – Customers will stay cool and relaxed with these groovy studs. 

            Now is the time to stock up on everything that celebrates our modern way of life, with lively colors and cool designs that instantly transform anyone’s mood. With animated fashion styles trending, customers will be flocking to your store if you have the fun jewelry designs to match!

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            Beyond The Sea Celebrations

            girl wearing beach outfit

            Summer has always been that time of the year when the sea beckons and the beaches become filled with water-loving folk! And this year will be no different. The ocean makes us think of wild adventures, mythical creatures, and sailing styles that are both trendy and chill. So, with nautically-themed fashion and a deep appreciation of every shade of blue taking hold, this is the time to stock up on all the jewelry items that will highlight and add to this 2021 summer trend. 

            We’re talking sea creatures, sailing symbols, and mythical fantasies! With our diverse range of fashion jewelry trends for 2021, we can supply exactly what your Beyond-The-Sea customers need to add extra style and finesse to their outfits. And we just keep expanding our collection to make sure we can help you make the most of this trend, with beautifully ocean-themed options that your customers won’t find anywhere else. 

            1. Turtle Ear Studs – These adorable silver turtle studs are perfect for celebrating a special beach outing or holiday!

            2. Mermaid Necklace with Cubic Zirconia – Customers can spoil someone with a detailed mermaid necklace filled with crystals. 

            3. Fish Ear Studs with Cubic Zirconia – With cute silver fish studs, customers will make the most of being at the ocean every time. 

            4. Hanging Starfish Ear Studs – There’s little as beautiful as a simple, classic pair of starfish earrings. 

            5. Anchor Ear Studs with Cubic Zirconia – Customers can go nautical with these silver anchor studs decorated with crystals for a bit of bling. 

            With this vast range of ocean-themed jewelry, you can give your customers the quality and variety that will keep them coming back for more. All of our jewelry are expertly crafted to deliver both beautiful designs and durability, giving customers exactly what they want. 

            Now that you know what the dominant 2021 jewelry trends are this summer, you can stock up on everything you know your customers will want. This means you won’t have to worry about purchasing stock that won’t sell, and you’ll be showing your customers that you stay up to date with the latest styles to always deliver what they need. Now if this doesn’t lead to more committed customers who keep coming back for more, then nothing will!

            ELF925 is one of the leading jewelry wholesalers, supplying high-quality sterling silver and stainless steel jewelry to different companies across the globe. Based in Thailand – the jewelry capital of the world – our customers know that we only manufacture jewelry with the most beautiful designs and of the best quality. This translates into better sales for you, as we can guarantee the timely delivery of jewelry that meets all the standards of our industry. 

            So, if you are looking for a manufacturer you can trust, then you don’t need to look beyond ELF925. We’re here to provide exactly what you need!

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