As the holiday season approaches, the demand for jewelry heats up. Not only is jewelry a perfect gift for a partner, friend, or family member, but we also like to treat ourselves at this time of year with parties and other social engagements requiring us to look our best. For wholesalers, jewelry proves to be a reliable and growing source of revenue, with sales increasing 32% year on year between 2020 and 2021.

Here at ELF925 Wholesale, we offer a massive selection of fine sterling silver Christmas jewelry. Below, we've outlined some of our favorite Christmas jewelry wholesale options and detailed why we think these should be in any retailer's inventory.

pink christmas gifts

Special gifts

Jewelry is an ever-popular choice for that difficult-to-buy-for friend or loved one. Picking out a suitable bracelet, necklace, or ring for someone is quite often a safe choice and having a good selection of fine pieces on offer means your customers can find just the right thing.

As these gifts are intended to be used year-round, you will also want to stock up on non-festive themed pieces.

A popular choice is infinity necklaces, typically used to represent undying love or friendship. One of ELF925's most popular pieces is the Infinity Rose Flower Necklace which is 45cm long and is made of high-quality 925 silver.

At this time of year, people also like to express their love with paired jewelry pieces such as matching Mother and Daughter heart chains or silver jigsaw puzzle necklaces. These are popular year-round but especially at Christmas.

Snowflake themed pieces

While novelty pieces are great sellers, there's also a market for more subtle festive jewelry that captures the fun of the season but is also suitable for more formal occasions.

Snowflake designs are elegant and lend themselves to use for parties, office wear, and general day-to-day wear. These prove popular sellers, therefore, for their versatility and ability to be worn all day.

One option is silver snowflake ear studs, with ELF925's selection featuring cubic zirconia in a variety of shades. E-coated, these are not prone to discoloration and feature 14 handset stones.

For use on charm bracelets or on a necklace chain, silver snowflake pendants are also extremely important to have in stock. These allow people to get into the festive spirit with the pendant featuring an icy-looking aqua and crystal cubic zirconias.

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Christmas earrings

As a time for children more than anything, Christmas novelty earrings allow young ones and big kids to get in on the fun.

Enormously popular are ELF925's cute Santa Hat Ear studs that feature 28 individual crystal and deep red stones. These come together to create a bright and colorful design that catches the eye and sells reliably.

Other options wholesalers will want to be stocked up on include silver reindeer ear studs with a bright light siam red stone for the nose. This comes in both silver and a gold-plated design. For those who prefer pearls, there's also the Silver Deer Ear Studs with synthetic pearls. These white earrings are fun but also stylish enough for special occasions.

pink Christmas gifts with beads

Festive beads

Able to be added to a charm bracelet, keychain, handbag, or anything else someone may wish, festive beads are a great choice to have in stock.

Crafted from 925 silver, the silver snowman bead is an always popular choice and features a top-hatted snowman figure wearing a scarf and holding a broom.

As well as the snowman, other iconic designs that rank among wholesale essentials include a detailed silver Christmas pudding bead and a gift present bead topped with a crystal zirconia gem.

Silver angel beads are an especially good product to keep in stock here as they sell extremely well at Christmas but also have year-round appeal.

Christmas necklaces

With Christmas being the time to dig out our finest clothes, many are also looking for festive necklaces to go with their dress. A wide selection is therefore recommended, and ELF925 has plenty of silver Christmas necklaces to choose from.

Regularly selling out due to its fashionable use of 31 aqua cubic zirconias, the silver snowflake necklace is a festive piece that is culturally neutral, making it a great gift for anyone and suitable for any market.

Measuring 45cm long, another beautiful choice is the Origami Deer Necklace that replicates the art of paper folding with 925 silver. We also recommend stocking gold-plated necklaces such as the silver snowflake with 7 crystal zirconias to ensure lovers of gold-colored jewelry are also catered for.

ELF925's Christmas Jewelry Wholesale selection

With a 20% volume discount and free shipping on all orders over $499, ELF925 is the very best place to stock up on sterling silver Christmas jewelry. We have a state-of-the-art factory producing fine jewelry for suppliers around the globe and can get your order ready within 48 hours, guaranteed.

Explore ELF925's Christmas jewelry wholesale selection now and get ready for the festive selling season.

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