Whether you’re a retail seller or a personal collector looking to expand your options, starting a jewelry collection is fun.

However, when choosing silver jewelry pieces especially, there can be a lot more to consider than simply price and style.

To help you get started, below are some considerations when creating a wholesale silver collection. We’ll explain what to look out for and why you should consider using a wholesale silver store such as Elf925 Wholesale to pick out some choice silver pieces for your collection.

Only collect 925 sterling silver

The most important factor to consider with any silver jewelry collection is only to use stamped 925 silver jewelry.

Silver pieces stamped with "925" are certified sterling silver. This means that at least 92.5% of the jewelry piece is pure silver, with the remaining percent made up of other metals, typically copper.

This makes 925 silver jewelry stronger and shinier than 100% pure silver pieces. Without the addition of copper, pieces can become dull, scratch, and become dented quite easily.

Similarly, a true silver jewelry collection should not contain any silver-like pieces either. These contain no silver (ag) and simply try to replicate the appearance of silver using cheaper materials.

Therefore, 925 silver collectors should avoid the following:

● Nickel silver

● Alpaca silver

● Paktong silver

● German silver

Stock essentials and one-of-a-kind pieces

Any collection of silver jewelry should begin with the essentials:

A silver chain necklace: ideal for everyday wear in both smart and casual environments.
Silver stud earrings: understated and matches a silver chain necklace well.
Silver bangle or bracelet: a plain silver bangle or bracelet looks elegant and can enhance a variety of outfits, especially when sleeveless.
Silver pendant necklace: pendants draw interest and allow you to say something about yourself through your jewelry choices.

These pieces form the bedrock of a jewelry collection and help collectors get an idea of what they like and what works best. For resellers, these sorts of pieces sell regularly and are essential inventory.

As well as the essentials, however, you should also look for one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Be adventurous and look for a stunning, eye-catching piece that you may not usually go for. These pieces are meant to be a showpiece and draw attention, so be bold.

Choose a style

For sellers especially, it's important to identify your own personal silver jewelry niche.

With relatively high competition online and offline, retailers should especially consider niching down. Finding your own niche means you can establish your store as the go-to place for a certain kind of silver jewelry.

For example, you could specialize in children's silver jewelry. Stocking a wide collection of cute silver earrings, charms, and necklaces featuring unicorns, paw prints, bunny rabbits, and more can lead to repeat customers and increased exposure.

Personal collectors looking to use the silver jewelry items themselves will want to purchase items that suit their own personal style.

If you enjoy delicate, understated pieces such as silver cable chains, start there. Begin adding varying chain types, thicknesses, and clasp styles to your collection. Look for bracelets, anklets, and necklaces.

For those who like to make a statement, there are also plenty of bolder pieces in the 925 scene. This includes pendant necklaces and fine silver jewelry with gems.

Identify your silver jewelry goals

Early into building your wholesale silver jewelry collection, you should identify what you want to achieve with it.

For personal collectors, your goals may be to enhance your current style and give yourself some extra flair. You may also be looking to completely change your look and use silver jewelry to help you achieve this.

Try and identify how you want your jewelry choices to make you perceived. This can help you with your choices and narrow down your options.

Retailers should equally consider their goals. For example, a retailer that wants to be on the pulse of jewelry fashion will need access to trendy new designs delivered fast.

Make your silver collection diverse but cohesive

One of the benefits of building a wholesale silver jewelry collection is that you can collect a diverse collection of pieces relatively quickly. Without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship, wholesale silver offers the chance to grow your collection rapidly without breaking the bank.

It’s important to try and keep your collection cohesive, however.

You want your silver pieces to all work together with the ability to mix and match. Being able to mix and match silver jewelry can turn a relatively small collection into a much bigger one.

How to Mix and Match Silver Jewelry

Silver lends itself well to mixing and matching pieces but can look monotonous without some thought.

● Layer bangles and bracelets of different thicknesses

● Wear silver necklaces of different lengths.

● Match gemstones in your silver pieces.

● Wear different textures, chain thicknesses, and patterns to add interest.


Building a silver jewelry collection is a great way to enhance your style and achieve your perfect look. Opting for quality wholesale silver pieces is the best way to build your collection while still keeping costs down.

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