If you are looking for ways to grow your jewelry business, then stocking items aimed at children and teenagers is a sound choice. There is a surprisingly high demand for these items, and if you get the right products in stock, you can make a good profit. If you’re still unsure, here are some things to consider.

1. Events And Gifts

There are many events in a child’s life that can be marked with jewelry. Any occasion where a gift might be appropriate is an opportunity to give the gift of jewelry. For example, christenings, birthdays, the first day of school, graduations, and first dance recitals are occasions when a sparkling keepsake is given.

All you have to do is think of a moment in a child’s life that they might want to cherish and remember, and that is a moment they can choose to mark with a gift of jewelry.

The reason that jewelry is such a wonderful gift choice for these occasions is that it is lasting. It is an item for the child to keep for a lifetime, something that won’t be lost in the ephemera of life. Gifts of jewelry are also opportunities to create family traditions. There is much appeal to new parents in building their own traditions. Gifts of jewelry are always a good option.

2. Good Price Point

The price of silver jewelry makes it ideal for gifting to children. It is neither the most expensive nor the cheapest option. This makes it appealing to parents and loved ones. After all, there is no point in buying gold for a child who will grow out of the item or might lose it. Equally, no one wants to buy the cheapest thing possible for their precious child.

The price of silver jewelry also means that it carries a healthy profit margin for you as the retailer. With the right choice of stock, you can make an easy return on each sale and place yourself in a position to get repeat business on these items, especially for collectibles such as silver charms.

3. Low Competition

Children’s jewelry is a market that has surprisingly low competition. For someone looking to buy an item of children’s jewelry, there are not many options. For an established retailer, this makes it an appealing market to move into.

When someone wants to buy jewelry as a gift, they want to ensure the pieces are high-quality and hall-marked. Consequently, they want to purchase jewelry from a trusted retailer. When you are looking for a unique gift for a child, you want to buy from a retailer that feels inviting.

At the moment, most purchases of jewelry for children take place in specialist stores. This is not an area that bulk retailers can move into currently. If you were going to buy a special present to mark an occasion, most consumers will prefer to make their purchase through a store that focuses on quality children’s jewelry.

4. Build Faithful Customers

One big reason to stock items aimed at children is that it is a chance to build loyal customers. Beautiful gifts and enjoyable experiences will make long-term memories. So, if you can give your young customers an experience that makes them feel special and grown-up, then you will be building a future loyal customers.

People are driven by habit. If your store is where these families come to buy their jewelry and get items for everyone in the family, the whole family will likely continue to shop with you for a long time. For a young girl, the shop where she was first able to pick her own jewelry is always going to hold a special place in her heart.

5. Safe Option

Silver is a very safe option for children’s jewelry. It is almost entirely hypoallergenic. Allergies to silver are exceptionally rare. Sterling silver is also free from nickel, which is the component in jewelry that is most likely to cause an adverse reaction.

At Elf925, we only stock hall-marked, sterling silver jewelry for complete peace of mind for your business and your consumers. Furthermore, all of the products we stock conform to the strictest quality control procedures. Each product is manufactured to the highest level of EU and US safety standards.

6. Build Repeat Business

There are two main routes to building repeat business when it comes to children’s silver jewelry. The first comes from offering items that follow children’s interests. Young children can be fickle, and their interests change over time. For example, one month it might be horses, the next dolphins. By stocking small items that feed into these interests, you encourage customers to return for a new token to celebrate their current obsession.

Another way to build repeat business is to stock items charms along with bracelets and anklets. Collecting is something that appeals to both parents and children. A charm bracelet is an excellent opportunity to bring customers back again and again as they build their bracelet into a remarkable collection of memories.

7. Traditions

Gifting jewelry to children and infants is rooted in tradition. It has been customary to gift newborns with jewelry since the ancient Egyptians. This tradition of gifting jewelry can be found all over the world. The reasons behind the gifts vary.

In some cultures, it is to bring the newborn luck or to ward off evil spirits. In others, it is a way to give a gift of wealth. The fact that these traditions are found all over the world is a testament to the fact that there is a significant demand for these items. It’s a deep-rooted desire to give young children gifts of jewelry.

Items like earring studs, pendants, and anklets are very popular for this reason. It is, after all, a gift that will last a lot longer than baby booties.

8. Trends

Children are aware of fashion trends, the same as adults. Preferences can influence kids from a very young age. These influences mainly come from their parents and their friends. If you can give parents an affordable way to meet their child’s growing interest in fashion and trends, you are well placed to build a good return on your investment.

Children’s jewelry is an exciting market. The price point is ideal for both retailers and customers. The competition is relatively low, and there are many different opportunities to market silver jewelry for kids. For these reasons, stocking children’s silver jewelry is an excellent business opportunity that is well worth exploring.

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