Sterling Silver Jewelry Trends for 2023

Predicting jewelry trends has never been easy. With the tides of fashion coming and going, knowing what’s up next can be something of a guessing game. Nevertheless, staying ahead of the curve and stocking the right type of jewelry for the upcoming year can mean more sales and building a bigger customer base.


Below, we’ll go over some of the sterling silver jewelry trends expected to make a splash in 2023 with both timeless, resurgence, and brand new ideas coming to light.


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What sterling silver jewelry will be popular in 2023?

Moving beyond 2022 with the height of the pandemic behind us, people are eager to embrace a wider range of trends. Making a statement and looking good doing is the name of the game.


Looking at the runways,  purple is due to be the big color of 2023, with silver acting as the perfect accent tone. On the jewelry side of things, studs, spikes, and chains are set to make a resurgence pushing aside the Y2K styling of 2022.


With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the type of jewelry pieces that will be most popular in 2023:

Chain silver earrings

Channeling the fashion stylings of Halsey and others, chain silver earrings are expected to play a bigger role in 2023. While traditionally considered something only suitable for evening attire, sterling silver chain earrings are now fair game at any time of day, even in casual wear.


Pared-back styles are likely to be most popular with some jewel or detailing necessary to create the desired effect. Stocking a full range of silver earrings is the wisest choice, with customers likely to purchase multiple styles at once.

Longer, slimline necklaces

Even the plainest outfit can be made into something truly elegant with a slimline, silver necklace. These classic chains have never really gone out of style and will be equally popular in 2023. As something forever in fashion, these will sell all year round and stock can roll over to future seasons.


While it’s hard to make a bad choice with silver necklaces, look for designs that feature smaller, delicate links such as Singapore chain. These offer optimal elegance and ultimate style when paired with smart wear and casual chic with daytime use.

Pearl pieces

There aren’t many combinations better than silver and pearls. And, carrying over from past years, it seems fashion trends aren’t done with them yet. Silver pieces featuring pearls are still extremely popular, with the gem adding a natural element to jewelry.


Look for silver jewelry with pearls that are unafraid to make a statement. Bigger is better in 2023 with a lot of buzz about another 80s fashion revival so think oval hanging earrings and single-piece necklaces.

Jeweled ear cuffs

Bringing 2023’s mantra of being unashamedly big, bold, and beautiful to life are silver cuff bracelets. Popular a decade or so ago, silver ear cuffs have now come full circle once again and are due to be one of the year’s biggest sellers. Retailers should make sure they have a range of plain and ornate bracelets in to cater to all styles.


In particular, jeweled silver cuffs are set to be a hit, with cubic zirconia pieces always popular, year after year. These add a touch of glamour to an outfit and are subtle enough to be suitable for everyday wear.

Spike earrings

With punk chic expected to be one of 2023’s surprise hits, e-commerce sites and retailers or resellers should stock up on anything spiked. With Prada and other big-name brands electing for punk styling on the runway, we can expect to see things echoed on the high street by early 2023.


While most people won’t be about to sport a mohican any time soon, we can expect punk-rock black eyeliner, vibrancy in hair, and plaid here and there. Jewelry-wise, this can be expressed with silver spiked earrings that express the attitude but with finesse.

Sterling silver is the perfect jewelry for 2023’s fashion trends

With jewelry often chosen to accompany fashion choices, silver is set to play a much bigger role in 2023. While gold will never be out of style, it’s looking likely to step aside in 2023 to make room for silver and other jewelry choices to have their time in the sun too.