How To Use The Input Demand Feature

Whenever an item on your My List / My Items page is out of stock or discontinued, you can let us know the quantity you require using the Input Demand feature. Just follow these few simple steps and you’re good to go....
ELF925 Thursday 25 November, 2021
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What is the Difference Between Sterling Silver and Silver?

Silver has been around since ancient times, but it’s existed for so long that it’s hard to pinpoint the exact origins of this precious metal. What we do know, however, is that silver has played a significant role in shaping human history. Silver was used as currency back in the days when other forms...
ELF925 Monday 11 October, 2021
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4 Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends You Should Have in Stock

With summer here, we’re sure you want to update your stock to make the most of the latest trends and styles. At ELF925, we believe that every woman should always look and feel her best, and that’s why we’re not just here to tell you about current trends – we can also supply you with all the stunning...
ELF925 Thursday 29 July, 2021
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