Elegant, sophisticated, and (best of all) shiny! Silver is one of our most precious metals, revered the world over for its versatility and unique properties. While silver was once the reserve of kings and queens, nowadays, any of us can now enjoy the different types of silver jewelry -  making each one of us feel like royalty.

And our hunger for silver jewelry is expected to only get bigger! Estimates predict that the global silver jewelry market is already around $24 billion and is expected to keep growing at 5.9% a year until at least 2028.

For jewelry resellers and e-commerce stores, stocking wholesale sterling silver is, therefore, one of the very best choices — with a great ROI. Such pieces are affordable, attractive, and genuine sterling silver.

To help you get an idea of what’s available, we’ve put together a short guide below. We’ll show what’s available and give you some ideas of what to keep in stock. We’ll also explain the importance of using a reputable, responsible jewelry wholesale store.

Silver rings

Whether you’re a plain and minimalist kind of person or you want something with a little more bling, sterling silver rings are available in a huge range of styles and designs.

One of the most popular choices is shaped silver rings. These come without an accompanying gemstone and are often fashioned into interesting shapes that are extremely durable. For example, the silver disc ring is a great choice for those who simply want to showcase the luster of silver. Floral-style silver rings are another option, with the precious metal wrapping round fingers in a beautiful, natural form.

For those that want to be seen as well as heard, cubic zirconia rings are where it’s at. These synthetic gemstones may be inexpensive to make, but they can look every bit as enchanting set against a silver band. As well as your classic set stone rings, free-form designs are also something worth considering. While cubic zirconias are often crystal clear, large, solitaire CZ rings are also well worth adding to a collection.

Of course, it’s important to cater to all tastes, including the more understated among us. Plain silver rings are a classic design that features very little detail and simply lets the silver do the talking. These are great for everyday wear as they are highly resilient thanks to being made from 92.5% sterling silver.

Silver earrings

Earring collectors love sterling silver because it does not tarnish and stain as readily as pure silver. As earrings are a type of body jewelry, it’s really important only to use high-quality materials. Silver-impersonating imposters and low-grade metals can cause reactions and even turn your ear lobes green!

Fortunately, wholesale silver earrings are a body-safe metal that’s highly affordable. Suppliers such as elf925 Wholesale mean there’s no need to compromise.

Wholesale silver earrings come in three main categories: studs, hanging, and hoops. Within these three, however, there is a genuinely enormous range of possibilities that can satisfy all personalities and styles. Shell earrings are a best seller, especially when paired with large, brightly colored stones set against fine filigree.

Stud earrings are a staple for any collection and should include plain ball styles, gemstone studs, and, of course, cute rabbit studs.

Modern production techniques also mean that even the most sophisticated and intricate of designs can now be had for a low price. Natural styles are ever-popular, with tree-of-life designs, delicate flowers, and dangling leaf styles looking good with both casual and formal outfits.

Silver necklaces

While gold may be a safe choice for a necklace, silver is a daring and stylish alternative that often compliments some skin tones a lot better. And, with a clean and elegant look, wholesale silver necklaces look extremely high-end, despite costing a fraction of the price of other options.

No silver collection would be complete without the plain silver chain necklace. This type of necklace features simple links of silver in various thicknesses. While we may all be familiar with your standard silver cable chain, there are also now plenty of other types of chain available, including the flattering Singapore chain, finished with rhodium for improved strength and sheen.

Pendants and beautiful, worked gemstones can also be attached to chains to catch the eye and express personality. Sterling silver necklaces can now be found with literally thousands of different designs, including spiritual motifs, animal designs, and cute shapes.

Gemstones can be found to enhance pendants or even feature standalone as centerpieces such as mesmerizing silver heart necklaces and enigmatic black teardrop necklace designs.

Silver bracelets

Often overlooked but at a retailer’s peril(!), silver bracelets are a great way to accessorize an outfit and can often be matched with a necklace. As a hypoallergenic material, sterling silver is also a top choice for bracelets as it is not irritating to delicate skin.

These, too, can be found in various types of chain at various lengths — including “fancy chain” that allows the silver to reflect from multiple angles at once. While it’s important for jewelry stores to keep various lengths and thicknesses of plain silver bracelets in stock, personal expression is now key.

Pendant bracelets are another way for people to show who they are and what they’re about while looking good too. Timeless pieces such as seamless silver cross bracelets allow the wearer to express their faith in a subtle yet sophisticated way, thanks to the inclusion of micro-crystals.

Silver bracelets (as with all silver pieces) can also be plated to resemble gold. This brings the versatility and resilient benefits of silver to those who prefer the appearance of gold. Gold-plated silver bracelets look great with pendants and semi-precious stones such as sodalite.

Only use reputable silver wholesalers!

While silver jewelry often sells itself, it’s important to make sure your stock is up to scratch. Poor quality goods can harm your reputation, and consumers now want to be confident their jewelry is ethical and sustainable.

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