Customer retention and loyalty are primarily pegged on the quality of items you stock at your shop. Learn why silver jewelry is a winner.

Learning never stops, whether you are new to selling jewelry or have been at it for a while. One of the things that will come up from time to time is metals.

While jewelry from most metals will give a good return, silver jewelry is always an excellent option when in doubt. Why is this?

Here are five reasons why silver jewelry flies off the shelves.

1. Durability

Silver is a relatively soft metal. Not really built for the knocking and clanking that jewelry sometimes has to absorb. However, pure silver is often mixed with copper or stronger metals to create sterling silver.

Sterling silver jewelry is hard to dent and can last a lifetime with good care. This quality has made it a good investment option, as they can last long enough to be used as family heirlooms.

Similarly, people can comfortably wear and enjoy their jewelry and have it on for day-to-day activities without worrying about damaging silver jewelry.

2. Affordability

Everyone wants beautiful, unique pieces in their closet without breaking the bank. Silver jewelry makes this possible.

This aside, silver can make you some cash too. Being a finite resource, silver is becoming harder and harder to find. As the world’s population grows, so will its demand.

In addition, people with silver jewelry will not want to sell what they have. This will make its demand high and supply low. Having a silver jewelry stash today means you can sell some or all of it at a premium in the future.

3. Versatility

Sterling silver is a soft metal, meaning it’s very malleable and easy to work with. For designers, this means they can create a wide range of styles, delicate and bold.

As a seller, it's almost guaranteed that your customers will have a variety of ornaments to choose from. And they will keep coming back for different styles.

4. Aesthetic Value

A silver jewelry discussion is hardly ever complete without a mention of its stunning beauty.

This metal has an incredible, stylish, shiny sheen that gives it its timeless look.

Silver jewelry has a more understated look than metals like gold, which can be too flashy.

This makes it easy to pair with anything in your wardrobe without too much clashing.

5. It Is Hypoallergenic

A fair percentage of the world’s population is allergic to nickel. Sadly, many metals used in jewelry-making are alloyed with nickel color and strength.

One benefit of sterling silver is that it’s among the safest metals to wear next to the skin. This is because it’s hypoallergenic, meaning it’s very unlikely to cause contact dermatitis.

For customers with a nickel allergy, ensure to stock jewelry labeled '925' or 'sterling silver.

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