Wholesale Sterling Silver Bracelets: Bulk Silver Bangles

Buy sterling silver bangles wholesale to stock up on trendy wrist jewelry—the perfect addition to your shop. Your customers will love the variety of bangles that we have to offer and will enjoy wearing quality sterling silver bangle bracelets on their wrists. Check out our diverse selection of 925 sterling silver bangles below. Read More

Silver Knot Bangle

$8.26 $10.32 -20%

Stock: 6
Product Id : 42790
Code : BG-PN001/42790
Type : Bangles
Material : 925 Sterling Silver
Part Size : 10 mm x 9 mm
Chain : Total Length :18 cm, Thickness : 1.2 mm

Wholesale Sterling Silver Bangles - FAQs

Where can I buy sterling silver bangles wholesale?

With ELF925, buying bangle bracelets wholesale has never been easier. We have a variety of bangles to choose from, fantastic customer service, and unbeatable prices. Plus, ordering from our website is simple, quick, and reliable. When you purchase fashionable sterling silver bangle bracelets, plain earrings, ankle bracelets, jeweled beads, or other ELF925 accessories, your order will be fulfilled quickly and efficiently—each and every time.

Are 925 sterling silver bangle bracelets in style?

Sterling silver bangle bracelets are a timeless classic, so they are always in style. These types of bracelets are also versatile and can easily be paired with other pieces of jewelry, such as chain bracelets, charms with split rings, classic studs, sterling silver hoops, and pendant necklaces. As an all-around accessory, bangles can be dressed up or kept casual.

Order stylish wholesale 925 silver bangles to add stunning arm jewelry to your shelves. 

What’s the difference between bangles and traditional bracelets?

Although a bangle is a bracelet, a bracelet isn’t always a bangle. So, what’s the difference? A classic bracelet can be taken on and off with a clasp, toggle, or claw clip. On the other hand, a bangle is designed in a fixed shape and is meant to slide onto the wrist elegantly and beautifully. For this reason, it is important to carry both in your shop and ensure your customers have a wide range of high-quality pieces to choose from.

Fortunately, ELF925 has a wide selection of bangles and traditional bracelets that can be purchased at affordable prices. You can place your order on our easy-to-use website and stock your shelves with pieces of fine jewelry that your customers will adore. Don’t wait and add ELF925’s silver bangles to your inventory today.