As a jewelry brand or boutique, you want a product that has your customers coming back for more. Enter clip-on charms for bracelets. These tiny pieces of jewelry act as a memory of a person or moment in time. Selling sterling silver charms ensures your customers continue their journey with your brand to build their custom bracelets.

Charm bracelets are one of the oldest forms of jewelry, dating back to 600 BC. What makes them popular is sentimental value. Each charm represents something different for the wearer. It’s one of the easiest ways to wear your heart on your sleeve.

At ELF925, we specialize in wholesale charms for bracelets that can help your customers commemorate any occasion. Whether you’re opening a boutique or taking your jewelry brand to the next level, you want to have sterling silver charms in your product range. It’s an easy way to boost the value of every transaction and encourage repeat orders.

We’re sharing everything you need to know about sterling silver charms and why bulk charms should be the next investment for your brand.

What Are Charm Bracelets?

Charm bracelets are chains or link bracelets that allow the wearer to customize them by adding charms that represent something special. These charms are often used to commemorate a special occasion, such as a holiday or birthday.

Although charm bracelets date back to Ancient Persia, the modern charm bracelet first entered fashion during the Victorian Era. Queen Victoria is famous for wearing charm bracelets, making them a popular accessory amongst the noble classes. She saw charms as a sentimental gift and even made ‘mourning’ charms a common trend after the death of her husband.

By the mid-20th century, charm bracelets and sterling silver charms were the must-have accessories. Brands like Tiffany and Co were offering charm bracelets as one of their most popular products as a custom piece of jewelry. Celebrities like Joan Crawford and Elizabeth Taylor helped grow the popularity of collecting charms to mark special occasions, travels, and important aspects of life.

Thanks to their rich history, charm bracelets are a piece of jewelry you’ll find in every woman’s jewelry box.

Why Charm Bracelets Are So Popular

Buying bulk charms is one of the best investments that you can make in your business. Clip-on charms are one product that is guaranteed to sell all year round, including during the holidays.

Charm bracelets are one of the most sentimental and personal jewelry pieces that a person can own. It’s common to receive a charm bracelet for your birthday or a special occasion with friends and family helping you fill-up the bracelet.

The beauty of 925 sterling silver charms is that there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a ‘sweet 16’ charm or a diamond ring, there’s a charm for every occasion.

You can’t walk into a jewelry shop or fashion boutique without seeing a charm bracelet sitting behind the display case. They remain one of the best-selling products for jewelry brands at every level, whether it’s Tiffany and Co or a small-scale fashion boutique.

wholesale sterling silver charms

How Sterling Silver Charms Can Grow Your Business

Buying wholesale charms for bracelets is one of the best ways to help scale your jewelry business. While trends will come and go, sterling silver charms will always be in demand as timeless pieces of jewelry.

This product is ideal for your jewelry business as it encourages customers to come back and shop with you again to grow their bracelets. Anyone who owns a charm bracelet can usually expect their friends or family to add a charm to their bracelet.

Selling sterling silver charms is a way of building customer loyalty and brand awareness with an affordable but sought-after product. While charms come in different shapes and sizes, sterling silver charms remain the most popular as a stylish but affordable option.

When investing in bulk charms, you want to choose a range of charms that work for every customer. Start by choosing charms that mark occasions and milestone events, including engagements, graduations, and birthdays.

Once you build your range of occasion charms, you want to offer charms that reflect different personalities and aspects of life. Some of the most popular bulk charms include animals, letters, and religious symbols.

Research your target demographic and choose charms that reflect their interests and personality to help boost your sales. Don’t forget to offer your customers a charm bracelet to kickstart their collection.

You can keep your customers excited and coming back for more by offering new charms. Our range of wholesale charms for bracelets includes dozens of styles, with new additions being added every week. 

Where to Buy Wholesale Charms for Bracelets

Charm bracelets are one product that every jewelry brand and fashion boutique should offer. Investing in bulk charms is an affordable way to start building your inventory and developing a customer base.

At ELF925, we’re the home of wholesale charms for bracelets. We work with brands across the world to offer them affordable sterling silver charms that your customers will love. We currently offer over 100 sterling silver charms for you to choose from, including charm bracelets.

You can take your bulk charms to the next level by using our packaging service to create custom backings for a luxury experience. You can sell your sterling silver charms separately or offer them in gift sets as a way of encouraging multiple purchases. We recommend choosing complimentary charms or ones with a similar theme for gift sets.

The best way to promote your sterling silver charms is to use your website to promote the best clip-on charms for every customer. You can suggest extra charms at check-out or incorporate an ‘often purchased with’ section to your product page.

Need more tips about selling clip-on charms? Check out our blog to find out more about how to buy wholesale jewelry online. You’re only a few clicks away from taking your jewelry brand or boutique to the next level.

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