Launching your own jewelry brand might be a lifelong dream. Perhaps you’ve always imagined being a business owner or want to take your love for jewelry to the next level. Buying wholesale jewelry for resale is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to start building your brand. It’s quicker than designing jewelry yourself and can help you get your brand up and running within just a few days.

Wholesale jewelry vendors give you access to a variety of styles at various price points. It’s a budget-friendly way to build or grow your jewelry brand, whether you have an online or physical store. The best vendors will usually specialize in a specific form of jewelry – whether it’s wholesale silver jewelry, fashion jewelry, or wholesale gold plated jewelry

We’re sharing the process of how to buy wholesale jewelry online, including what you should consider when choosing which wholesale jewelry vendors to choose.

  1. Find out what’s trending

Jewelry isn’t a one-size-fits-all accessory. Just think of the jewelry that you see in department stores. While there are classic styles, you’ll often see trending pieces put at the front of display cases. Doing your research on jewelry trends can help you capitalize on popular styles and attract your target audience. 

Look through magazines, brand websites, and social media to see what styles are trending amongst your target audience. Make a note of styles that are commonly appearing, such as celestial-inspired rings or stackable bangles. 

  1. Decide your niche

Now that you know what’s trending and you’ve chosen a target audience, you need to decide on a niche. While it’s easy to think you should buy every style of jewelry, it’s better to choose a niche. Building your brand around a niche makes it easier to decide what wholesale silver jewelry to buy.

It also helps you streamline your marketing and create a stronger brand identity. You might decide to specialize in charm bracelets or nose studs. Choosing your niche early on makes it easier to find the right wholesale jewelry vendor and product styles you’ll want to consider. Having a niche can also help you feel less overwhelmed when buying wholesale jewelry online. 

  1. Know what to look for in a reliable vendor

If you’re buying wholesale silver jewelry online for the first time, it can be easy to get caught out. When you’re investing in your business, you want to know that you’re working with a reliable vendor that you can trust. Product photos can be deceiving, so make sure to thoroughly read through the description to ensure that you know what to expect. You should be able to find information on the jewelry’s size, weight, material, and any coating used.

Before you invest your money with any popular wholesale jewelry vendors, you want to research the business itself. Read reviews online from fellow business owners to hear about their experience with the company. You want to double-check information, like the company’s registration number, country of origin, and whether you get access to customer support. The best wholesale jewelry vendors will have all this information readily available and provide helpful information on choosing the right jewelry styles, shipping times, and FAQs. 

  1. Search for reliable wholesale jewelry vendors

Once you’ve chosen your brand niche and learned more about marketing your jewelry, you need to find reliable wholesale jewelry vendors. Whether you’re launching your brand or looking to expand your product range, you want to choose a vendor that offers a wide range of jewelry styles.

At Elf 925 Wholesale, our wholesale jewelry includes seasonal styles, nature-inspired themes, classic styles, and even children’s collections. Our product categories include pendants, rings, necklaces, earrings, charms, and beads. We have a low minimum order of $99, with most of our wholesale jewelry available at under $5 per unit, and offer free shipping on all orders over $499.

You can also take advantage of our flash deals and even purchase your packaging directly from us to streamline your order process.

  1. Order a range of samples

Before you invest in inventory, order samples. You want to want to order from a variety of wholesale jewelry vendors to test their quality, shipping time, and customer service. It can help you decide which jewelry styles you want to offer for sale and give you samples to start building your marketing material around. You want to trial run the jewelry to see if its quality meets your expectation

When you’ve tested your styles out, you can start photographing them for your website and social media posts while waiting for your first inventory order to arrive. You want to start wearing the jewelry yourself to get a feel for the styles and what products work well together. If you’re selling jewelry, start mixing and matching them to decide which styles to recommend to your customers or sell in sets.

  1. Decide which products to invest in

Now that you have your samples and have found the right wholesale jewelry vendors, it’s time to start investing in your business. When you’re starting your brand, you want to order a small number of units. It’s worth deciding what prices you plan to sell your wholesale silver jewelry at. These prices can help you work out what your expected return on investment (ROI) will be.

When buying wholesale jewelry online, you want to choose products at a variety of price points. This variety gives your customers choices while also helping you to build inventory with more affordable items. If you’re growing an existing jewelry brand, you may want to invest in a wider range of styles and choose a higher order quantity if you have an established customer base.

Starting a jewelry business has never been easier. Wholesale jewelry vendors are an affordable way to start building your brand or extend your product range with trending styles. At Elf 925 wholesale, we’re a leading supplier of silver jewelry for brands across the world. You can shop our latest arrivals here to find the up-and-coming trending styles.

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